About Us

What is feedbacks.today

Feedbacks.today- Is an best anonymous application that allows you to send and receive the anonymous messages & feedback's from your friends, neighbors, family and co-workers. without revealing any of the personal information to the recipient.

Why to use the Feedbacks.today

  • 100% anonymous
  • Create your own profile with your name
  • Know what others are thinking about you
  • Share the messages that you would like to share
  • Confess your own messages, feedback to others with out feeling any guilt
  • Know your strengths and weakness by knowing your real side in society.

Complete anonymous: Send and receive the messages, feedbacks's 100% anonymously. the recipient don't know any of your personal identity unless you revel to them by your own self. And only you can able see your own messages.

Create your own profile: You can have your own profile with your name feedbacks.today/YourName , so you can share it with the friends and people that you like to receive the messages

Know what is others are thinking about you: by sharing your profile with your friends, co-workers and people you like will helps to receive the honest feedback, messages from them, so you can improve your personality by knowing your strengths and weaknesses. Only you can able see your own messages.  

Share the messages you like to share with others: If you receive any anonymous message, complement or feedback that you like to share with the others, then the feedbacks.today tool will automatically convert your message in to an beautiful image format to share with your friends and followers in the social networks that you will like.

Confess your own messages, feedback to others: you can express your constrictive feedback to others like your friends and co-working with out knowing them who you are. The person will never know about you, unless you revel to them though your self.  

Know your strengths and weakness: Improve your lifestyle and personality by allowing your friends and other people you know by allowing them to send an anonymous constructive feedback about you.